Sept. 20th -  Closeout Session:             

Sept. 19th  - Keynote Speaker: 



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The 2018 Maine Safety and Health Conference Proudly Sponsored By:

At our closing session, Jeffrey Lind and Russ Rodrique will be providing the audience with an update on the cyber insurance marketplace, including changes in coverage terms, premiums and claim trends. 

Jeffrey Lind, COO
Clark Insurance
Russ Rodrigue, CIO CIANBRO
Thomas Dowd
Professional Development and Coaching, LLC

Thomas Dowd's message of “Resurrecting Resilience” will relate to all professionals and community members, empowering the audience to build habits to de-stress. It takes a lot of energy to be frantic and not have our head in the game, which may even lead to questioning our own desire to keep doing what we’re doing. It is not a badge of honor to constantly be stressed, stretched, and strained. When we find ways to more effectively bounce back, we can be more engaged, more energetic, and ultimately happier. More info..


91st Annual Maine
Safety & Health Conference

September 18-20, 2018 • Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, Maine