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The National Safety Council of Northern New England is a membership-based, 501-C3 non-profit organization. We work hard to make all of our services available at the highest quality with the lowest possible rates. Our members include businesses and organizations throughout Northern New England including Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and parts of Massachusetts.

In 2004, the Maine Safety Council and the New Hampshire Safety Council merged to form the Safety & Health Council of Northern New England. In 2005, the Safety & Health Council of Northern New England became a Chapter of the National Safety Council, and also began serving the state of Vermont as a new NSC chapter. At the Annual Meeting in October of 2014, the name changed one more time to become the National Safety Council of Northern New England.

Throughout its history, the National Safety Council of Northern New England has continued to expand its programs and services to provide the latest training, webinars, networking events, safety materials and other resources to support and strengthen safety programs in business, industry and the local community.

The Council's five primary focus areas include Workplace Safety, Distracted DrivingTeen Driving, Prescription Drug Abuse, and Safe Communities America