Alive at 25

The Alive at 25 program is approved by the state of Maine for suspended license reinstatement. 

COVID-19 Alive at 25 Update

PLEASE NOTE:  All in-person Alive at 25 classes have been suspended during the Coronavirus pandemic. The state of Maine has recently approved LIVE virtual classroom style training. Please visit the Alive at 25 Foundation page to register for an upcoming virtual class. 

For live interactive virtual classes, a student workbook will be mailed to the address you provide when you register. Please be sure to submit your correct mailing address. A ZOOM login link will be e-mailed to you a few days prior to the class date. Your certificate of completion will be mailed to you after you have completed the course. Students are responsible for submitting the certificate to the BMV.

All classes are $50. Classes are usually held on Saturdays and Sundays.

*This class does not qualify for points reduction.

PLEASE NOTE: A webcam is mandatory for this class as your visual presence is required. Cell phones are not recommended for use in attending this class. Cell phone Audio / Video is unreliable and calls are regularly dropped.

If you need to speak with someone from our office, you can do so by phone (207-854-8441) or email.