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MSHA Part 46 Annual Refresher and New Miner Training  for Metal/Non-Metal Surface Miners

2022 MSHA Training

The National Safety Council of Northern New England continues to offer the MSHA Pt. 46 Refresher and New Miner trainings via a virtual classroom experience (online, interactive training with an instructor). You may have your miners participate in the training as a socially-distanced group or log on from individual computers.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a group of miners to train but do not have the available space or computer equipment to participate in the virtual training from your location, please contact our office and we would be happy to assist with special arrangements for your group to use our Concord, NH training facility.

If you have questions, please contact our office at  or (603) 228-1401

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* This program is funded in part through support from the federal MSHA State Grants Program.

Program Descriptions:

For scheduling, registration or room usage questions please contact the National Safety Council of Northern New England at 1-800-834-6472 or

MSHA Part 46 Annual Refresher Training  for Metal/Non-Metal Surface Miners

In accordance with MSHA (Mine Safety & Health Administration) regulations, this one-day program covers  7 hours of training for the annual training requirements for owners and operators under 30 CFR Part 46. Upon completion, students will receive an annual refresher training record for 7 hours of training. (Students will still need to complete a minimum of one hour of site specific training at each of their worksites in order to meet the 8 hour MSHA annual training requirement.) This certification will expire one year after completion. 

All MSHA Part 46 Refresher sessions in 2022 will include a special emphasis on Heavy Equipment. Optional Truck Driver Breakout sessions are returning this year, and will be conducted via a breakout room on Zoom.

* Cities and towns should refer to the Mine Act to determine if their sand & gravel operations would be subject to the 1977 Miners Act, and would therefore be expected to meet annual MSHA refresher training for their miners.  Cities and towns that operate screeners and/or crushers to process material, and then take that material off-site to apply to public roads or other worksites DO fall under MSHA jurisdiction. Towns and cities that purchase sand and gravel for their roadways and other projects (instead of producing it themselves) DO NOT fall under MSHA jurisdiction.

PLEASE NOTE:  Pre-recorded on-line training is NOT APPROVED by MSHA to meet MSHA Part 46 Refresher Training or                        New Miner Training CFR requirements.

Upcoming Virtual MSHA Part 46 Refresher Training Classes:

The MSHA Part 46 Refresher Training Classes are done for this year, however there are still a few weeks of MSHA New Miner Classes available which can meet the needs for MSHA Part 46 Refresher. Dates are below.

for Metal/Non-Metal Surface Miners
  • All new miners are required by MSHA to complete 24 hours of training in their first 90 days of employment. Our office offers an 8-hour program that can assist mines in delivering a portion of this training, including the required 4 hours of training that is required by MSHA to be conducted before a new employee can enter a mine site. 

  • Completion of the 24 hours of New Miner Training and the supporting documentation is the ultimate responsibility of the mine operator, who should compile a list of tasks a miner could be expected to do on a mine site and to spend time reviewing it with the new miner. Part of this training needs to include operation of specific equipment on their mine site, as well as the observation/evaluation of the operation of that equipment. 

  • Another 6 hours of the required 24 hours of training can be accomplished by registering for a First Aid, CPR & AED class which the National Safety Council of NNE offers in Concord, NH or onsite at your location. 

Upcoming Virtual MSHA New Miner Training Classes
Registration & Cancellation Policy:

Advance registration for MSHA classes is required. There will be no refunds for participant cancellations and no-shows, however, other participants can be substituted or dates changed given at least 24 hours notice. NSCNNE reserves the right to cancel any class for reasons of inclement weather or class sizes of less than 10, in which case a full refund will be given or credit for a future class if preferred. 


Even though the 2021 MSHA classes will be held virtually, our office recognizes the important role that many of you have in keeping our winter roads plowed and sanded. In the event of predicted inclement weather, an announcement to re-schedule the class will be made by noon the day before the class date. Registrations for the cancelled class will then be transferred to another requested class date.

For scheduling, registration or room usage questions please contact the National Safety Council of Northern New England 1-800-834-6472 or