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"Working in the EHS field for the past 10 years, I have found the Safety Council to be a great local resource for affordable safety training.  With their training center centrally located in Concord NH, it is easy and convenient for employees to attend at a reasonable cost.  Also, the Council staff are easy to work with and the on-site training has been extremely valuable to us, bringing experts to our facility as needed…” -David Kiser, Hypertherm:


"I highly recommend attending the conferences, as a safety professional, it's a great opportunity to network, attend the up-to-date workshops, and view the latest in Safety equipment. I just had to volunteer " 

-Bradley Kaherl, Safety Consultant

“I began my safety career in 1989 after a tour in the army and 5 years of construction work. Having no safety background whatsoever, I took full advantage of the (then) NHSC seminars and conferences.  I was able to volunteer in several of the councils committees, furthering my “education” in the safety field. This experience was rewarding on two fronts: first I gained the specific “classroom” knowledge I needed and then volunteering on several of the councils committees gave me the opportunity to work closely with seasoned professional, which exposed me to the “real world” applications of the same. This combined experience provided me with a base of knowledge that allowed me to be selected over a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) for my first job in the insurance industry as a Loss Control Consultant.

Glenn Severence, CSP, ARM, ALCM, AIC, OHST , AIM Mutual Insurance

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