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Maine Conference Vendors


94th Annual Maine Safety & Health Conference

October 20-21, 2021

The exhibitor hall is one of the highlights of our annual safety conference. We recognize the value and essential service exhibitors provide to health and safety professionals by providing them with the information, technologies and learning experiences they need to keep workers safe. 


The large vendor hall and conference schedule provide multiple opportunities for you to connect with conference attendees. Vendors are also welcome to attend any and all conference sessions.

  • Vendor Booths: $500 Early Bird by June 30, 2021; $575 after July 1

  • 8 x 10 booth with pipe and drape

  • 2 chairs and waste basket

  • Power and Internet access

  • Meals included for 2 representatives per day

  • Vendors can attend any breakout session for free

  • All vendors may request a specific booth number. Previous year vendors receive first right-of-refusal for the booth they had last year providing registration is received by 6/15/2021. Otherwise, booth assignments will be made based according to the date the registration is received. 

2021 Maine Safety & Health Conference

Vendor Hall Layout